1. Deflate castle by switching of power and disconnecting blow motor
  2. Open all zips and/or outlets and leave for a few minutes to deflate
  3. Fold slide, step (where applicable) back onto jumping area
  4. Fold halfway (lengthwise) with outlet not obstructed – This will look like a long sleeping bag
  5. Fold other side on top of that
  6. Roll as tight as possible towards outlet or zip
  7. Place the bag over rolled up castle
  8. Roll into bag and tighten rope by weaving it zig-zag through eyelids


  • No food, shoes or sharp objects allowed on the castles
  • Do not set up near braai area – material is highly flame able
  • Please keep play full pets away from castle if they tend to chew on things
  • Keep children away from blow motor
  • No kids allowed on side panels
  • Water & electricity do not belong together.  Please ensure blow motor doesn’t get wet
  • Don’t leave castle out in the rain.  If you get caught by surprise, inflate castle when weather clears and run motor for at least 2 hours. Castles are difficult to pack when left in the rain without inflating again
  • Crazy Castles can unfortunately not take responsibility for damage, loss or injury.  Please ensure adult supervision at all times